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May 2014 ‘Useletter’

May 2, 2014

Welcome to the May 2014 Useletter!

You can watch the video of this month’s topic here.

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And here is this month’s message…

Is it just me, or do you also notice more insecure people around you on a daily basis? What do I mean by insecure? Well, those people that are continually short tempered, don’t have many good things to say about you, or others, tend to be aggressive in traffic, are always pessimistic about the state of affairs around them, from their home life, company life to politics. I especially notice this on the day before a long holiday weekend. It’s as if they all appear out of nowhere, as if they have climbed out of their hiding places all around town, and they overrun the local supermarkets and buy up all the meat, cold drinks and alcohol as if there is no tomorrow. They run in, push you out of the way, grab items before you can pursue the choices, and basically acts like a pack of wild dogs. Ever noticed this?

We just had a long weekend and I had to drive my daughters to another town. Of course working for myself, I am not aware of public holidays, or bank holidays. As I was driving, I noticed a particular frenzy on the roads. Call it aggression, call it stupidity, or even insecurity – there was a definite different vibe! I don’t know why, but I turned to my youngest daughter and just popped the question whether it was a long weekend tomorrow.

I had, just by observing people’s behaviour around me, made a correct conclusion.

By the time I had returned home that evening, I was completely irritated (Yes, I too am normal) and couldn’t understand why people just zone out like that, and in masses. It’s like a collective consciousness signals everyone to act stupid! It’s similar to the collective swarming behaviour exhibited by animals of a similar size.

The first thing I thought, please don’t ever let me sit in the middle of these people, if there is a natural disaster anywhere. They will kill each other in their individual need to escape.

Have you ever flown out of an airport on a long weekend, or at the beginning of the holiday season? Here’s some really good practical advice… and it’s free – DON”T! I spoke about it in a previous ‘Useletter’ a while back. People become Plunkies! (They take a ‘stupid pill’ and act like ‘monkeys’)

Why is this? If anything, this behaviour simultaneously frightens and worries me. Suddenly I want to go live on a desert island away from the sheeple mentality masses!

I did a bit of research on the Internet, looking for a simplistic answer and Wikipedia talks about mass hysteria, also known as collective obsessional behaviour. A common example is when a group of people believe they are suffering from a similar disease, or ailment – also known as epidemic hysteria!

The more I read these words, the more they make sense and I come up with my own version…. epidemic sheeple hysteria!

I’m also a realist, and feel that people can’t work each other up so quickly – or can they? Just look at a simple political scandal. Within minutes people are phoning each other, sending emails, posting comments on Twitter and Facebook and news is spread world-wide (city or group wide) within minutes! It’s actually scary how fast information (good and bad) is shared today.

Now what has this got to do with the wacky long weekend aggressive sheeple mentality? I can only postulate one possible answer – maybe there are so many overworked people who hate their jobs so much and are so desperate to get away, that they flip out when they can have a long weekend? This desperation of having ‘me time’ is so powerful that anyone who steps in their path, or slows them down, or infringes in that time is trodden on – so to say!

Does any of this sound familiar?

If yes, then you need to ask yourself some questions about your life and your work.

When you wake up in the morning on a work day – are you miserable?

Do you lack passion and drive when at work?

Do you really look forward to weekends and especially long weekends?

Do you already become depressed on a Sunday afternoon as Monday is looming around the corner?

Do your negative feelings and stress affect your family and your health?

Do you feel underutilized, not respected, dislike certain colleagues, and feel you are not liked either?

All these issues, plus many more can contribute towards this weekend sheeple mentality. Did you answer yes to any of my questions?

If you did, don’t feel badly. There is nothing worse than being unhappy and it is the most natural thing to want to run away as fast as you can from that which brings you no joy. It is even more natural to get aggressive, rude and walk over anyone that gets in your way when seeking happiness and me time.

So what is the solution? What can you do to become part of a more balanced, calmer individual that respects their fellow human beings at all times – even bank holidays!

Firstly, be honest with yourself. If you are unhappy in what you do – change! You cannot blame anyone else for your unhappiness. You and only you are responsible for your life and your career. If you feel you cannot change, because the pay is too good and you have to cover expenses pertaining to a certain lifestyle standard – then don’t complain! Remember, it is still you who has decided on that lifestyle. This gives you no right then to disrespect others.

Stop being a sheeple! Just because everyone else has satellite TV and the latest smart phone, does not mean that you need it too. Nor will materialistic items guarantee your happiness. This mentality of, “When I have this, then I will be…” is STUPID!

The longer you allow the mass media, and everyone around you to dictate your state of mind in terms of social and cultural conditioning – you cannot have a positive self-image and find contentment.

The older I get the more I tend to think about life and philosophise. My biggest issue these days is questioning the purpose of life. I had a friend a year ago that hated his job. He was one of those people that looked forward to his weekends. He used to tell me that his dream was to travel and that one day when he retired, that’s what he would do.

Well he died a year ago (in his forties), and unhappy at his lot in life. In the end he was really bitter. Today a year later, his job is filled by someone else. His teenage children are carrying on with their life. And his wife has just started socialising again and met someone new. Besides the memories his family and a handful of friends have, what did he leave behind? What was his purpose? Life carries on. The sun still rises and sets. People still go to work every day and children still go to school. Has his life left a gaping hole? Has the world changed for the worse because of his absence?

The sad answer is, “No!”

When you die, will it be the same answer after a year? Or will people really miss you? Will people still talk about your passion and energy? Will people still talk about the long term changes you brought about in your career, family and for humanity? Will you be mentioned in the history books? Will you be seen as ‘the one who made a difference’ in your family tree when people look back in 500 year’s time?

Do you get my point?

If you are sitting through life, paying your dues, waiting for the weekends to arrive and lacking purpose in life, then you could very possible have that aggressive sheeple mentality. However, if you have searched within your soul and identified the real you and are following your passion in life, then just maybe you will be the person future generations read about in their history books.

And by the way, each and every one of us has that potential to be great. We just need to stand up and find our greatness! Guess what, when you start changing you suddenly notice all the sheeples out there, and instead of falling into that mass behaviour statistic, you suddenly feel sorry for them and you begin trying to help and guide people towards the light.

Just for one moment, imagine that everyone started caring, helping and guiding everyone around them to become a more positive person.

It all starts with you!

So today when you leave work, let the aggressive driver in front of you get ahead. Smile at him. Put your music up and sing in the car. When you get to the supermarket, stop and smell the flowers at the entrance. Smile at the people passing you. Take your time and look for items you never noticed before. Buy something new. Come home and hug your family – tell them you love them. Phone a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Start living in the moment so that life’s moments can grab you!

I hope you have an awesome May!

Warmest wishes


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July 2013 ‘Useletter’

July 4, 2013

Here we go again – less than 6 months to Christmas! I’m sure the earth is spinning faster as time is going way too fast. Welcome to July and a super interesting ‘Useletter’ that is a bit different and maybe even controversial. But before we begin, much has happened in the last month and I am curious to see who reads until the end, as there is a LOT of exciting news at the bottom of the page!

Firstly, I understand that there are a number of people not on the social media websites, and therefore many people don’t receive my daily quotations, questions, etc. Two weeks ago I launched a brand new website called and YES, every day I update the site with a quotation, a funny one liner, a crazy question and at the moment a new Quick Tip video every week. So if you are looking for a daily smile and positive charge, visit for your daily dose of inspiration. It gets updated around 09h00 GMT. You can even view older updates too.

I feel that there is not enough ‘giving’ in the world today and most sites that offer anything positive, always have costs involved. This is totally free and you can download and share everything on the site – it is my way of giving back. However, I would like to add many more items including daily videos, plus interview people globally and make it a massive world-wide free site that inspires everyone everywhere. To fulfil this dream I need your help with my campaign! PLEASE visit this link by clicking here.

This month I have uploaded a few new Quick tips, simply click on the title to view!

5 Tips on Networking 

5 Tips on Forgiveness 

If you don’t have access to my You Tube channel – these and past videos can also be accessed on

To this month’s topic… is the ‘F’ word!

A word that many of us use daily without realising the impact of what we are saying. Misuse of the word can even result in resentment, hatred and wars. Weirdly, for such a well-known word, it amazes me that most people don’t understand its true meaning. The word is ‘forgiveness.’

Rather than also repeat everything on the Quick Tip Video, I will let you watch the five actual extra tips, so make sure you check it out here. In this ‘Useletter’ I want to cover ‘forgiveness’ on a deeper level. As a speaker I have seen and understood the power of personal examples and stories, as well as issues people can relate to. Therefore, in order to clarify exactly what forgiveness is, I would like to talk about Nelson Mandela. Having lived in South Africa for many years, he has always been a topic of discussion, especially his capacity for forgiveness.

Have a look at the world and at the hatred that exists right now! How many wars are being fought at this very moment? Hatred goes back such a long time, I sometimes wonder if people actually know why they hate each other. The world cannot continue the way it is going on at the moment. Hence my little attempt at starting this positivpeople website.

Nevertheless, what lessons can we learn from Madiba?

As life is, you always get two points of view on any matter. Actually my dad always told me that there were 3 points of view; yours, mine and the truth! Mind you, there is even truth in that! If anything my international travel has taught me, it is to respect and accept every person no matter from which country or culture they originate. If anything, I feel that the world-wide web and international TV channels such as Discovery and National Geographic are helping people discover the world and promote tolerance. But that’s not enough! Hatred still exists because people do not understand the meaning of forgiveness! Hey, my parents left Germany as young children after WW2 and I have people still calling me a Nazi – just shows you the sadness of reality out there.

So if we look at Mandela and his life – all the odds were stacked against him! However, here we have a man that spent most of his life in jail, fighting against an unjust oppression. Now to highlight how complex forgiveness and humanity is, we need to consider two views of this man. Firstly he stood up against what he believed was wrong, and fought to change it. Yes, one man can change the world – here is the proof! Then there are those that criticize him and the ANC for the violence they used to achieve their goals. Not forgetting that right now there are still ANC members today that hold grudges?  Hey, doesn’t that sound similar to other parts of the world too?

Remember that saying, ‘If you want to kick a dog, you will always find a reason?’ Forgiveness will NEVER happen if you hold grudges and don’t let go. Nelson Mandela is living proof of the fact that WE CAN ALL forgive and let go. What is the problem with so many people that they cannot do this?

Saying I am sorry is not forgiveness! It is merely a verbal utterance. Forgiveness means starting fresh and not holding grudges or throwing the past in someone’s face. How often have couples fought and the past keeps on being brought up. You did this – you did that! Forgiveness will NEVER come about if you do this. The world and the political upheavals are living proof of this!

I hear you say that it is difficult to do? Really? Now back to Nelson Mandela. Guess what, he also grew up with nothing, in a disadvantaged community, but he NEVER had an entitlement attitude and blamed everyone else for his situation. Do you know what he did?  He stood up and took RESPONSIBILITY for his own life. His picked himself up and stood up for his beliefs. Yes of course circumstances dictated the conditions he lived in at the time. But the difference was that he didn’t lie down and expect everyone to feel sorry for him. He stood up and made himself heard. He cared enough for all his brothers and sisters that it was NEVER about him, but about what was right for humanity.

That was it – that was the secret we all need to understand about forgiveness. It was never about him! It was about all of us and making the world a better place to live in! Those of us that met him will all tell you – he radiated a love and warmth that few people have. He genuinely cared about his people. We all need to care about those around us – then they will care for us too. It’s that basic law of what comes around goes around. He cared enough to change the world. Today not only South African’s, but the entire world celebrates this man’s greatness!

As you get older you begin to question the purpose of your life. I guess Mandela knew his purpose – he changed an entire country – if not the world. Why can’t you do the same? What is holding you back?

Dare I say… lack of forgiveness in the true sense of the word? I know I am being ‘hard’ in this month’s ‘Useletter’, but sometimes this is what is needed. We need a kick in the rear end and we need to be reminded that it isn’t always about you and you alone! It’s about your children, your friends, your country – it’s about the future of this world. What world are you leaving behind for our children if you cannot forgive and promote the spirit of Ubuntu? Let me put it another way, if Mandela didn’t do what he did and forgive those that wronged him, I think the world would  have been far worse off than what it is.

So I trust that you have a little more understanding of forgiveness and the true power of the word. There are those people on earth that really embrace the true meaning of forgiveness. Why not be one of them and lets all start fresh and make this world the fantastic place it’s meant to be… for all of us!

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Have an AWESOME July!

April 2013 ‘Useletter’ from Wolfgang

April 1, 2013

Over the years this ‘Useletter’ has had many different ‘feels’ to it, some funny, others light-hearted, and some serious. Maybe that’s why it’s become so popular? Everything I write always comes from the heart and the ‘space’ I am in at the time of writing. I feed off the emails you send me coupled with what I see going on in the world at the time. A few days ago I started thinking about a topic for this month’s ‘Useletter’, and spontaneously I decided to shoot a Quick Tip video on life. As I began uploading the video, an email came through from a subscriber, Ron who over the years has always shared his thoughts with me. However, this time, the story he mailed me was exactly the topic I had just discussed on tape – how’s that for uncanny? It was a sign! Lately I have been thinking a lot about life, particularly my life and how fast the years have gone. As the big ‘Five-O’ approaches I have reached a point of reflection where I am taking stock and deciding whether I am happy with everything so far, and if not, what I am going to do about it. This self reflection has highlighted some very interesting life issues for me. 

But before I tackle the topic of life, many people send me emails with queries and requests, the new Quick Tip videos below are my responses to these mails – do enjoy!

Firstly, I was asked to do something on coping with regret – click here to view my new video with 5 tips on doing this. Someone also asked me to give some practical advice on goal achievement, something more realistic and achievable – so check out my tips of achieving realistic goals here

As a speaker, many people have asked me for advice and tips on public speaking, so guess what, click here for 15 Tips on professional speaking, plus a full speaking course.



Click here to watch my ‘unrehearsed video on insights about life!

For everyone over 50, I think this Useletter it going to touch home. If you are in your twenties, I would suggest you try save this Useletter and read it again when you reach your 50’s. I can promise this – the day you read it you will know why I asked you to save it for all those years! Nevertheless, even if you are younger, read this edition slowly and try take in the depth of the message shared, for if you truly understand where I am coming from with this message, you will realise the importance of time and how you need to make the most of every moment. And if you are 50 or older I know this is going to hit home!

Is it just me or have you also noticed that time has a way of moving quickly and catching you unaware as the years pass by? It seems just yesterday that I was young, care free, just engaged and embarking on my new life with my mate. Even though it was 30 years ago, it doesn’t feel like eons ago. If I am honest, it feels like maybe 10 years ago maximum. I often wonder where all the years went. I know that I lived them all.  In fact I have tons of photos as reminders and glimpses of how it was back then, and of all my hopes and dreams. 

But here I am now, some would even call this the period of introspection – it has caught me by surprise! How did I get here so fast? Where did the years go and where did my youth go? I clearly remember seeing older people and thinking this was years ahead of me – in fact it was so far off, I could not fathom it or imagine fully what it would be like. 

I remember working with an elderly comedian on the cruise ships who told a joke about his youth and how his dad found certain actresses attractive, which he at the time as a youngster thought they were ugly. As he reached the same age of his dad at the time he found them attractive too. We used to laugh at this joke, but never fully comprehended the depth of it – today I think of my old friend often – as his words ring true as I am finding older woman really attractive too!

I met an old acquaintance at the circus yesterday. I hardly recognised him. I still joked and said, “My you’ve changed.” He looked at me and replied, “Your hair is all grey!” I turned around and thought he was talking about someone else! This is now my reality – all my friends are starting to think about retirement and getting grey! We move slower and people in our age group. When we talk about the world and what is happening to society and the youth… we sound like our parents!

Some of my friends are in better and some worse shape than me.  The young and vibrant people of my memories don’t exist anymore! Their age is beginning to show and we are now those older folks that we used to see and never thought we’d be. I bought a birthday card for my oldest daughter recently who had just turned 16. As I began looking for the card I first stumbled on the Happy 50th cards. I looked at them and had the same thoughts I had when I was 16, “Wow, imagine being that old.” Then I realised, “Hey, that’s you!” This year alone I have been invited to eight 50th parties!

I remember socialising at events and having fun with those present – today I we savour the wine and whiskey, rather than gulp it down. Maybe because it takes us longer to recover if we don’t! I could open any bottle of cold drink, and any jam jar, no matter how tight the lid was screwed on – now I have to ask my 16 year old daughter to do it for me! This has resulted in us buying those can/jar openers as we still love our bodies and independence, instead of asking our kids to it! 

And so even I enter into this new season of my life, unprepared for all the aches and pains. Yes, even I have a few regrets and things I wish I had done/did differently. But there are also many many things I’m happy I did do. All in all I am content with my lot in life, however, should we have the opportunity to start all over again, we would have started sooner and would have done more. 

None of us, not even the youngsters, has the promise that we will see all the seasons of our life! Hence the importance of living in the moment and living for today and saying all the things we need/want our loved ones to remember.

Today I see many older people that are unhappy at their lot in life. This saddens me as I often think about my friends that have passed on already and realise that not everyone has the opportunity of getting older. So my first bit of advice if you are older – be grateful that you have reached this age!

I often think back of that old saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.”  Live in the moment and make the most of today, for every today well lived gives you a great memory of yesterday and something to look forward to tomorrow. Kinda makes sense huh?

Also, remember that today is the oldest that you have ever been in your life, but it is also the youngest that you will ever be!

This “Useletter’ is not meant to make you sad, but to inspire you that no matter what your age is, it ain’t over yet! I am just reaching the 2nd phase of my life and intend achieving twice as much as in the first half – you can do the same too!

Appreciate what life has taught you up to this point and enjoy the comfort that comes with being older. Let the following ‘plus’ factors bring a smile to your face:

✔ Going out is good, coming home is always better!

✔ You may forget names, but it’s okay because other people forgot they even knew you!

✔ Our confidence grows – we’ve been around the block.

✔ You sleep better on a lounge chair with the TV blaring than in bed. It’s called ‘pre-sleep’.

✔ You miss the days when everything worked with just an ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ switch.

✔ We get better at relationships – we have more experience and we are comfortable with who we are and what we want out of life.

✔ You tend to use more 4 letter words, ‘what?’ and ‘when?’

✔ We start caring more about others – isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

✔ Now that you can afford expensive jewellery, you know that it’s not important to wear anymore.

✔ We become more sensual – the body may go but our souls have expanded and taught us to live in the now and appreciate life and love on a much deeper level.

✔ What used to be freckles are now liver spots.

✔ Everybody whispers.

✔ You have 3 sizes of clothes in your closet – because you need a much bigger choice!

✔ It’s not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived. 

✔ We slow down, but we learn to appreciate more.

✔ But old is better in many things; old songs, old movies, and best of all, old friends!

Stay well and healthy, old friend! 

I’ll chat with you again next month!

Warmest regards


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November 2012 ‘Useletter” from Wolfgang

November 1, 2012

I have a somewhat longer ‘Quick Tip video’ I uploaded today, that covers the contents of this ‘Useletter’. Click here to watch it. You can visit my YouTube channel, Inspiring The World, free and watch tons of inspirational messages.


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6 Weeks to go to Christmas…. and I remember writing the January ‘Useletter’ only the other day! If anything, I have really enjoyed sharing my feelings this year as so many people have responded to me with emails and comments.

Firstly, I have moved the ‘Useletter’ into a simple format this month as some people write that their various e-readers don’t always display the format correctly. So I would appreciate some response as to what you think of this plain format. All my links i.e. this month’s Quick Tip, etc. are at the end of this email.

Secondly, people send me emails to subscribe, unsubscribe and even change address details to their subscription. If you read all the way to the end of the ‘Useletter’ there is a tab where you can do it! That’s why it’s there!

I am still amazed at how many people think that I don’t read my own emails! Yes, I read and respond to all my emails personally!  Having said this, I received a request two weeks ago that I should tackle the topic of ‘respect.’ Wow, if anything that is something that is lacking in many aspects of society today. Respect for religious beliefs, family, children, spouse, culture, country, etc. …and the list goes on. I thought I would tackle 4 sub categories under respect this month; religion, money family and culture.

As I get older in life I realize that I am no longer scared to have my say and that I am comfortable with who I am. In the same vein I am also comfortable with making myself vulnerable and sharing deeply personal issues, feelings and questions. I also fully accept that I am not always correct in my views. However, I do always sincerely try and give an objective viewpoint. Having said this, there may be some people that may take offense to certain points I am about make. Believe me, it is not my intention to offend, it is my intention to educate and inspire. Respect is earned. In my eyes respect is about ‘walking the talk’ and standing up to what you believe in. Haven’t the years of me sharing via this free ‘Useletter’ proven that?

Last year in my November ‘Useletter’ I received a number of complaints from subscribers that I had wished all my American friends a Happy Halloween – complaining that it was a pagan celebration. For those people I would like to suggest that you do a Google search on the origin of this ‘All Saints’ day… you may be surprised at who started it all! So maybe respect is a good topic for this month, as once again I sincerely wish all my American friends the best Halloween ever, despite the terrible hurricane that has struck the East coast. I would have loved to be there enjoyed the fun.

Who are we to criticize and judge others for what they do? Isn’t this a sign of disrespect? How do you know you are right in what you believe? Personally I think most people see Halloween as a fun night to dress up and have a great party. If anything is bad I think it’s that some people overdo the alcohol on this night. I doubt many actually see it as anything else but a good reason to party. Funny, I have also always seen it as a great festive event too. If I have fancy dress parties at my home, I always try to go for a Halloween, Rocky Horror or scary theme. It’s the wackiness of the event. My favorite celebration is on 30 April in the Hartz Mountains in Germany when they have a Walpurgis Night party throughout the region. Children enact plays from Goethe, people dress up and it’s a hoot. My oldest friend runs a hotel and restaurant there (Die Kleine Zauberwelt) and has a stand at the festivities. I go along (as someone with a big mouth) and assist behind the stand to pull the crowd and sell cakes and goodies. If anything we have a brilliant night out every year. Not once have I seen it as ‘evil’ or bad. Nor have I ever judged anyone that has or hasn’t attended the festivities. This definitely does not mean that I am a devil worshiper – if anything I would like to believe myself to be a very grounded and spiritual person.

In all my teachings I have spoken in holy houses of every religion. Even though I am launching my first religious book in the next two months, it gives me no right to judge others if they follow a different belief system. That is just plain disrespectful. I have no right to do so. Who am I to judge someone that was brought up in another country under a different belief system? For all I know they may be 100 times more spiritual than me and 200 times a better person. Isn’t respect taking someone’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes and preferences into consideration? Isn’t respect about valuing someone else’s thoughts and feelings and accepting their individuality and idiosyncrasies? Proclaiming my religion to everyone out there definitely does not make me a better person. Nor does it make me right in what I do. However, walking my talk, practicing what I preach and living what I believe… that is what will make people look twice and take notice. Actions speak so much louder than words.

No one will ever follow me if they do not respect me! How can I earn someone’s respect if I am forever judging and criticizing what they do? How have the various religions messiahs created followers? By being judgmental, criticizing others and being disrespectful? Or by leading by example and respecting everyone out there? Think about it!

If you believe that money and power will buy you respect, I have some bad news for you… it won’t! How many politicians do you really respect? Look at people that have inherited huge sums of money, or become rich overnight. Yes they may have lots of people working for them in their company or at home and can afford to have anything done by anyone… but at a price. Does this power buy them respect? Just look at big name celebrities and sports stars that appear in the media because of a scandal. Do you respect them, even with all their money? I used to question why many people with money and power are so rude and disrespectful towards others. The answer is so easy. They sense that they are not respected, even with all that they have, and it frustrates them terribly – hence they pursue even more money in the hope that they will eventually get respect. Sad really! Of course our media doesn’t help this plight either, as all they do is sell materialism as the answer to respect… another huge lie that you need to stand up against. Respect can never be demanded or forced, even though many people believe it can. That’s not respect, that’s fear! Realize that the ONLY way to receive respect is to send it out to others and then let it boomerang back to you.

Of course the biggest issues around respect occur within the family. Do you respect your spouse, your children, and your immediate family? You earn family members’ respect by voluntarily doing things such as taking that person’s feelings, needs and thoughts into consideration. Think of when a child is born… initially the needs are basic survival needs for food and nurturing. As the child grows up, an increasing need for autonomy and independence starts appearing. As an adult one needs to realize this and treat the young adult with increasing respect (letting go of the childhood needs) so that they begin learning to respect you in return in order to apply this in their adult life.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my wife and I talk to our daughters about everything, we listen to them and we explain the reasons for our actions to them. We show them respect and hence they show us respect in return. Everyone laughs at me when they hear my daughters are teenagers, and wish us ‘good luck’ with them. Funny, we have no problems with them at all! I wonder whether it has to do with the fact that we show them respect and are aware of their feelings. Maybe it’s also because we spend time with them and share openly as a family. Or could it possibly be that we are approachable as parents and non-judgmental and the fact that they know they will not be judged, no matter what they share with us?

Similarly, never expect respect from a family member if you are not prepared to be respectful to them! Should you be treated disrespectfully within a family, you need to make sure you haven’t treated the other person disrespectfully in the first place. If not, then the only other alternative is to stand up for yourself and confront the other person. In October my wife and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. How have we lasted 22 years? Simple… respect for each other and open honest communication. Without respect there would be no relationship and we would be living a lie. We both know and understand this! Do you have the same relationship with your spouse? As hard as it may sound, if you have no respect for your partner, then don’t stay with them. Then you are only disrespecting yourself.

Similarly, who are you to judge a beggar at a street corner and treat them in a disrespectful manner? Have you ever considered that they have a child/children and a spouse at home that look up to them and respect them?

And this leads me to the final point. As I watch CNN, Sky News and Euro News less and less, I notice how ‘political correctness’ and cultural issues are still such a hot topic around the world. I also notice how it’s always one-sided and always one culture complaining about non-acceptance by another. It saddens me to see where the world is going here. Many years ago when I went through a near death experience out on an expedition in the Arctic, and we thought we were all going to die, I made myself a few promises should I survive. One of the biggest and most influential promises I made myself, and the one that changed my life radically was; I will never judge a person by their creed, culture, religion or race. I will accept and treat everyone I meet equally and show them ALL equal respect. I will give them the power to lose or keep that respect by how they treat me in return – but I will NEVER pre-judge them.

This has turned my life around completely and resulted in me having true friends all across this globe. We all need to learn to respect each other unconditionally and the world will become a better place for all.

As I finish off I realize that the most important answer to all the problems above always come back to one thing. People don’t respect themselves! If you respect and love yourself and find comfort in who you are as a person, then all the problems discussed this month wouldn’t be a problem. Think about it!

Have an awesome November!

4 Life Truths: Truth 2 = PASSION

August 21, 2012

Welcome to Part 2 of this video course on the 4 Truths that can change your life. This E-Book is basically a transcript of a 2 month video course which I offer on the Internet. If you have not watched it, you can subscribe to the course totally FREE of charge with no obligation, at


A lot of people I see don’t have it. They are alive, yet they are dead – they are not enjoying life. How do I put this into perspective? By asking you a question, “How do you wake up in the morning?”

Do you wake up excited, yelling, bouncy and full of energy and give your partner the fright of their lives, as you jump out of that bed? Or, do you wake up moaning and in a bad mood because it’s Monday?

Unfortunately, the reality is that most people wake up the latter. They hate their lives and what they are doing. It just doesn’t make sense to me why people lead a life that they are not enjoying? Life is awesome – yours can be too! But you see that small little secret… the truth… that you have to understand in order for life to become awesome, is also, that you have to follow your passion. You have to have fun in life! I have seen so many people, and I’ve had good friends amongst these that have worked their whole lives in careers that they have hated. All along they have had a hobby to keep them sane. The day they retire they suddenly go into this hobby and within a year it’s a booming business.

They regret that they never did this earlier, and three years later they die! What have they had of life? It saddens me incredibly when I see this. Now the big question is, “Where do you stand with your passion? Are you passionate about life, or aren’t you? And if not, where did the passion go? And where are you going to find it again?” That’s what we need to talk about today!

So, the biggest question is, “Why do people lose passion?” I stand corrected here, but I believe that millions of Euros have been spent on research as to why people have lost their passion in life! What get’s me is that the answer is so simple!

The answer is… Expectation! What do I mean by expectation? Today we live in a society where we have been conditioned to expect. I’m nice to you, because I want to do business with you. I’m nice to her, because I want to go out with her later on. I’m nice to somebody because I expect to earn something or get a commission. There is always a reason behind everything I do. An outcome is what motivates most people today. We live in an outcome based society, which has resulted in this negativity. The laws of the universe are such, that if you continually do stuff while expecting things in return, odds are, thing won’t always work out as expected. Hence you are going to start becoming despondent at life, and hence you’re going to start losing the passion. Does this make sense? You see, we live a life of expectation, and when things don’t come our way, that is when we get despondent, and we question, “What’s the point of this all?”

It all starts as a child! We’ve already been conditioned that one has to seek a secure job, and earn good money. It’s all about the position and the status. Never mind what you really want to do! Thus many parents with artistic children say to them, “Don’t follow that artistic nonsense. You’ll always be poor. Follow in our footsteps and get a degree. We want you to be a lawyer and study at Harvard.” How many parents actually acknowledge their children’s skill set and motivate them to follow their talents? Have you followed your talents in life?

We have always been conditioned to get that 9 to 5 job, because you’ve got to get your pension plan, you’ve got to look after yourself! Imagine my family when I said I wanted to become a magician and travel the world. In the last video I said to you, I have family that are still going, “What’s with your Gypsy lifestyle, when are you going to grow up?”

Years ago I mistakenly used to tell people that I have never worked a day in my life. It feels like I haven’t worked a day in my life, but I have worked damn hard! You see, because I followed my passion, it’s never felt like work! This is the difference! I often say to people that nothing could be worse than sitting in a job that you don’t like during a recession. I would much rather do something I love, and if there was a recession, I would rather have a tough time doing something I enjoy. I figure that’s better than the other way around, than being in a recession and still hating what I do.

Does this make sense to you? Let us look at passion from another angle. Are you honest within yourself? Have you looked within your own heart and asked, “What is it that makes me tick?” You see, when I was a youngster, I said, “I want to be in front of people, I want to entertain!” I enjoyed the conjuring. Now that have seen the world and achieved my dreams, I have taken it a step further and share what I have learnt through my speaking. I’m still in front of people. I’m still sharing. I’m still giving pleasure! In fact, now I am giving long-term – I’m changing lives! This is much more intense for me and so fulfilling. This is what makes me tick. This is what gives me a reason to stand up. You’ve got to look within yourself and ask, “What is it that I truly enjoy?”

How come that I could have taken a career such as conjuring, achieved huge success with it, from working the West End, Vegas style shows, and seen the whole world doing it? Strangely enough it was not because I was the best magician out there… but to many people I appeared to be the best magician! And why is that? Because I was passionate! When I meet people, they immediately say, “Wow, you have a fire in you. What is it about you, you’re just full of life?” Do you know why? Because I am doing what I enjoy! I extrude a different energy to the person that is doing something that they don’t enjoy!

Think about it like this, if I have someone that has got to book two people; myself that’s following their passion, and someone that isn’t… who do you think they are going to book? Who do you think they are going to be impressed with? It’s because I am giving out a different energy! Remember, like energy attracts like energy. This is what it is all about! You can only be in that position if you are following your passion.

There is a second phase to this! Initially I asked you why people lose their passion… because you expect! Again, the universe doesn’t always give back to you and hence the disappointment creeps in due to lack of expectations being met. Compare this to people who follow their passion… if you are following your heart, strangely enough you do what you do, without expectation! Here comes the truth… the truth within the truth of passion! When you start doing things without expectation, guess what? You cannot be disappointed!

Hence, when I follow my heart and do what really gives me pleasure and I am passionate and I have fun doing it – I don’t expect anything in return because I am already thankful for being able to follow my passion. Once again, the universe is such, that every now and then it will throw something back at you… and when it does – you didn’t expect it to come back to you! It’s a surprise and just so cool! Suddenly life has meaning and everyday is a fun day!

I trust this puts it into perspective for you. Fair enough, a lot of us are in this position that we cannot always follow our passion right away. Hence the importance of finding the courage in order to go out there and be more positive! What are some simple things that you do right now, even if you are in a dead end job? In other words, how can you become just a little bit more passionate in life tomorrow? If you’ve got children, awesome! I have the solution for you. If you haven’t, make friends with people who have got 6 or 7-year old kids.

Have you ever noticed that when you say to a child, “In a week’s time we are going to the Magic Kingdom!” What does your child do at night? Every night he/she asks, “How many more sleeps?”

In fact your child drives you insane until the day you go to the theme park! They get excited! Do you still get excited like that, especially about your life? You see, children experience everything, as if for the first time. Also, they see life from a different level – they’re smaller than you. Go down on your haunches and look up at the world, at the angle that kids look at the world – it looks different! That alone will make you say, “Wow, I never ever thought this room looked like this.” Children live in the moment. They are not conditioned and messed up as adults are. Their shift to the negative hasn’t come yet! It’s that conditioning and that constant bombardment by media, by parents, by everyone around them to the negative, that changes us.

You have to be so aware of your children and what you say to them! You have to make a point to give them a magical future – always be positive, always support them in what they do! But, we’re talking about you right now – your children are a whole new topic! How do you find your passion again? Hang out with these kids and look their view of life – they have fun! I have two daughters, and quite a number of years ago, when they were about 5 & 7, I came back home from travelling for a week. That was a long time ago and I have learnt since then! Now I spent time with my kids, I don’t go away so much. But at that time, I got back and my wife needed a break. I had just landed and my wife said, “Please just take the girls out to the shopping mall. Just keep them busy for a while.”

We get to the mall and there is a face-painter! All I want to do is sit down, have a cup of coffee, just relax. No, my girls want their faces painted! Of course they carry on until I gave in. The second they had there faces painted, they beamed and showed their faces to every stranger that walked past us! I acted as if they were not my kids and walked a distance behind them. That evening in the bath, they didn’t want to wash their faces!

I have got a question for you, “Would you as an adult walk past a face-painter, and have your face painted?” Am I correct in assuming you now think I am nuts? Suddenly you are questioning whether it was a mistake to subscribe to this video course. Hello! It’s about time you shifted your perceptions. We have been conditioned not to follow our heart and not to have fun.

A child has not yet been messed up by the society out there and is still following what they are passionate about. If I want to have my face painted, I’m not damaging anything or doing any harm to anyone, I’m having fun. They have their face painted and anyone they encounter, they show off their faces and smile. Guess what? This results in that person stranger smiling back!

They are giving out a positive energy! What’s stopping you from doing it? Because you’re worried what the neighbors will think, or what your mates will think! Huh? Are they really responsible for your happiness and passion? You are responsible for your own fire within you!

I’ll never forget, I told this story at an insurance company literally a month after I had experienced this with my girls. Since then I have also learnt that nothing in life happens by chance. Two weeks after I told this story, I was at a different corporate and guess what? Two of the ladies that were at the first keynote two weeks ago, were at this one! They came up to me afterwards and said, “We had our faces painted!” I was really surprised and a bit dubious at the same time.

They said to me that they had the most awesome time of their life! They visited a friend in hospital and the hospital staff wouldn’t let them leave! They eventually got out and went to dinner in a restaurant and had the best night of their lives. Why? Because they just let loose, were just passionate about life, and enjoyed themselves. I’m not saying you must go out and have your face painted! But how about starting to live every day as if it is the first day of the rest of your life?

There was another stage in my life where I had a number of prime time television series and became very well known as a celebrity. I still had a ponytail, long hair and wore a wooden tie – sounds crazy – but as an image, this was my trademark. Now that I have gotten older, been there, done that, new hairstyle – people don’t recognize me anymore. This is a huge blessing for me today. At the prime of my ‘fame’, everybody would stop me in the streets… I couldn’t go to the shops to buy bread, and everybody would ask me the same question. Especially being a magician, they would all ask, “Can you make my wife disappear?” I mean, come on! “Watch you watch, watch your wallet!” I got really tired of hearing these lame questions repeated over and over. If you can, imagine that the twenty thousandth time I heard someone ask the same question I would have gotten irritated… what do you think that would have done to my name or my status out there? It would have spread around and people would have said, “Why is he in this business?”

I started my life following my passion and doing what I enjoyed. In a sense this was weird, because every time someone asked me that same question (even the ten thousandth time) guess what? Because I dug what I did and I was enjoying my life, I answered them as if it was the first time I had heard that question. Even though I had heard that question ten thousand times, it was the first time ever this fan had met me asked me that question. By respecting them and answering them in my passionate way, I left great energy. It flowed and it all came back to me! I hope this makes sense to you.

So the truth of passion is… follow your heart. Do what you really want, because then you really start enjoying life. And, if it’s a struggle, hang out with some kids and see how they enjoy life. And believe me, as soon as you start following your passion, you will start having so much fun.