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4 Life Truths to Change YOUR Life: Part 4 – Honesty

September 17, 2012


Firstly, this complete book is available in most e-reader formats from Smashwords, click here to download it for free. 

Hello, and welcome back. I am Wolfgang Riebe, I’m your mind shift guru. This is the fourth truth in my 4 Life’s Truth Video Course. If you have stumbled across this video by accident, please go to and sign up completely free for these four videos. If you just tuned in again for your fourth and final truth, welcome back!  

What is that final truth that I want to share with you? We have spoken about wealth, passion and conditioning. This one is the most important truth for me personally. The ‘Crème de la crème’ of truths! And it is… HONESTY!  

I have done a bit of research in dictionaries, on the Internet and ‘Wikipedia’ has a great definition; “positive, virtuous attributes, including integrity and straightforwardness…” That’s quite a lot of big words! It also refers to a honest person as someone that is not dishonest, that does not steal, or who is not a thief. At the end they say, “Honesty is the best Policy”. In fact William Shakespeare and Mark Twain were people that acknowledged this as well. If you look at today’s world, “Is Honesty the best policy?”  I think according to any lawyer… No! Honesty is not the best policy, but… insanity is a better defense! Ha, Ha… jokes aside, the world we live in is not so much about honesty anymore, it is about image, about pose, about creating an illusion, something false, in order to sell an end product. 

Even friendships… we try an make out as if  we are wealthy and that we live in a big house and we have this good set of morals… but do we have them?” The whole world has changed so radically that it saddens me immensely.  Hence honesty is the most important truth in my eyes. When you wake up, or go to sleep at night, do you do so content with who you are?  This is the crux of the matter! Once you are content with who you are, only then can you start leading a fulfilling life. The conditioned society I spoke about previously has also added to the fact that we are dishonest with ourselves. To test this, stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself and you say, “I am happy with whom or what I see”.   If you cannot,  then you’ve got to work on your honesty. There are four reasons why you have not been honest with yourself up until now.   

1. Fear of what everybody around you will think and do. You comfort zone! You are too comfortable with where you are now. Without a doubt this is one of the biggest factors holding you back.

2. That damn comfort zone in everything you do today is a big problem. Basically as humans we become comfortable within a situation far to quickly, and then we don’t want to change and try something new.

3. Couple your comfort zone with a lack of knowledge and the ‘Sheeple’ in you comes to the fore! Lack of knowledge results in us not knowing any better.  That is why I made conditioning the third truth, so that you start becoming aware and make the time to think about your life. 

4. Fear of failure is the biggest reason why people rather live in a live of illusions and deceit! The question most people fear is, “What happens if suddenly I am open and honest and I don’t get accepted”! Don’t make the mistake of thinking this acceptance refers only to people around you. Most people are afraid of themselves and coming to terms with the past. I have got news for you. If you cannot do this, then you will never learn the true meaning of honesty. You don’t have to change overnight. I’m not saying from now… and in ten minutes time you must be a completely different person. Obviously that is crazy, but start with small steps. Start changing a few small things and build up from there. If you have that fear of being honest, it’s as if you cannot look at yourself in the mirror without feeling bad about who or what you see. To me that is far more frightening than being scared of what my friends will think. Be realistic about it… lack of knowledge, hey, that’s why I am chatting to you. You are getting the knowledge. If I look at myself in the mirror and I am not happy with what I see, haven’t I already failed? Surely that alone should motivate me to go and do something about it?  

Remember, if you are honest with yourself and everyone around you – you don’t have to remember anything! I only found out recently that apparently it was Mark Twain that said this, and I’ have followed this philosophy my whole life. If I am upfront and tell you how I feel and this is who I am and I am straight forward, I don’t have to remember anything, because I am not deceiving anyone, especially not myself! Once you’re honest with yourself, your life starts changing. Think of an iceberg! Don’t you think that Icebergs are absolutely beautiful? I was fortunate that for many years I did  expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic and I will never forget seeing an iceberg for the first time, it was absolutely awesome! The different shapes, the way they float through the ocean, the height, the flatness, some have waterfalls, some look like little cities, it was absolutely awesome! I was blown away. Strangely enough, about two days later while was standing next to one of the lecturers on the expedition, he said to me, “You realize that is only one tenth of the iceberg that sticks out above the water”. 


Then I started thinking about life and how most of us try to show only one tenth of who we really are to the outside world. That which we are in control of!  This is how we paint the image we want to portray to everyone out there.  It’s like a tenth of that iceberg. However, in the meantime nine tenths of who you really are is below the water. Isn’t that the most beautiful, powerful and majestic part of that iceberg? Why are you hiding it from the rest of the world? Even more so, why are you hiding it from yourself?  Be open and show that to everyone! Can you see that life will start being a lot more fun and have way more meaning? Be in control! Be honest enough to say, “Some things I will accept, some things I won’t.” As soon as you open yourself up and show your entire being for whom you are, you become at peace with yourself.

There’s an interesting saying that goes, “If you tell a lie don’t believe that it just deceives those outside your circle.” By telling a lie long enough, you deceive yourself as well. If you constantly lie, if you constantly show a false image to the people out there, after a while you start believing that is who you are! Come on! That’s why I said, “Look in the mirror!” Can you look yourself in the eyes and say, “I’m happy with whom or what I see?” When you can do that, then your life starts having more meaning.

The most powerful saying for me is, “A person’s true character is revealed when now one else is watching.” Don’t you think that’s awesome? In other words the real you, only comes to the fore when you are alone – when no one else is looking! Are you a different person when you are alone, to when you’re out there? I pride myself in the fact that as you see me now, you will always see me.  Whether I’m on my own, my family or friends – this is who I am. It’s not easy, it takes a lot of hard work, but… it makes a difference to YOUR life! I repeat… you don’t have to remember lies; you don’t have to remember pretences! You can just BE… and when you can just BE you’ve got a different energy streaming out of you. You attract different things to you. Be the same person when you are on your own as when you are out there, because only then can you lead an honest life.

Can you imagine a world where we’re all honest with each other? The world will  literally change overnight. When you do become honest you make yourself vulnerable. I think it was Mother Theresa that said something along a similar vein of, “By being honest you open yourself up and you become vulnerable.” She was one of the most vulnerable women in the world, but she was also one of the most powerful women in the world.  Look at what she did and what she left behind in this world! Simply because she was open and vulnerable! Makes you think, huh?

Did you know that when you make yourself vulnerable, you become authentic? 

Seven months ago, from the day that I recoded this insight on video (6 June 2012) I had a heart attack. At the age of 48, I had a heart attack! Luckily I was at home and luckily my wife saw what was coming and got me to the hospital in time. I remember lying there with my wife and two daughters looking over me, with fear in their eyes. I was more worried about their fear than my fear. I survived! I had no muscle damage. My wife realized what was happening and I survived. Today I have two stents as a reminder to appreciate every moment in life.  When I reflect back on the time I was lying in the hospital I had to ask myself, “Hang on, am I going to live or not, and if I do live, what am I going to change in my life?”  This made me realize that I need to be more honest. You see! I was tolerating a lot of baggage in my life at the time. Are you the same? One of the first things about being honest is being straightforward. Are you trying to be politically correct and polite because it is expected of you? I’ve got these friends, I don’t call then friends, I call them…’energy vampires’. They come up to you with all their problems and they literally suck you dry. You know the type! (If you don’t… it’s you!) The first promise I made to myself  after my heart attack was that I am going to be more straightforward! I’m going to get rid of all that excess baggage. The people that don’t add value to my life, and please do not misunderstand me, I’m not saying I want you as a friend only if you can add value. 

Friendship is about giving and sharing, but it is not about giving 100% from your side only. I find that in life, many people just take, and I’ve decided that part of being honest is to get rid of all the takers. The soul takers that just take the whole time! Just simply saying, “Hang on, this is not working! Every time I say something to you, you don’t listen anyway and you keep on sucking my energy dry. You’re wasting my time! Either come right, or leave!” It’s weird, when you give them that choice they all leave. Think about it, why are you reading this transcript? Because you want to learn, you want to change your life! You want to do something about it. There is a big difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it! If you want to find happiness, if you want to find truth and you really want to live the life you deserve to live, you’ve got to take that first step!

Part of understanding these Life truths is grasping the true meaning of wealth is, clarifying your passion, seeing the conditioning around us and finally having the courage to be honest with yourself.

Finally, look at your life and be honest enough to admit whether your have been honest or not. Don’t be afraid to look a little further… have you achieved everything you wanted to achieve in life? Have you gotten what you want? Are you content with who you are? Often people are not! They only talk about being honest with themselves. Stop talking! Do it! Take the responsibility for your own life! Do and say, “I will be honest with myself.”

There is a wonderful saying that goes, “If you’ve always done what you always do, you’ll always have what you always had.”  You have to change! You have to start being honest and creating that change. It is a wonderful example that I do if standing in front of an audience where I’ll tell a joke where everybody cracks up laughing. Once they have finished laughing I tell the same joke again, and guess what? Some people still laugh! Strangely enough, the third time I tell it, no one laughs. At this point the audience starts thinking that I may just have escaped from a mental asylum, or even that I am crazy!

At this point I ask my audience whether they are nuts! Why? Isn’t this how most people lead their lives? Doing the same stuff, over and over and over and always expect a different reaction. Wake up! There is no ways that anything different is going to happen! You’ve got to change things in order to get different and new reactions! And if your life hasn’t been what you’ve expected, maybe your viewpoint of wealth was wrong. Maybe you lacked passion. Maybe you were too conditioned. Maybe the past three topics and your understanding of them have been part of the problem. But maybe, just maybe, you haven’t been honest with yourself. Now that you understand the concept of honesty, you can start doing things differently and change your life.

That’s it! This has been the basic course on the 4 life truths, and I really trust that I have managed to impart and share knowledge that is going to benefit you in your life.

Thank you for trusting me and spending this time reading/watching my Life Truths.

This has been the introductory course. Obviously there is so much more to life and understanding what makes us tick. Hence I have many more courses, and would like to tell you about my advanced course which goes hand in hand with the basics I have just shared with you.


4 Life Truths to Change YOUR Life: Part 3 – Conditioning

September 2, 2012


Firstly, this complete book is available in most e-reader formats from Smashwords, click here to download it for free.

The third truth is one that we don’t realize is out there. We are all part of it, but we just don’t get it . Once you understand this and how to control this, you can do something about it and change your life radically.

The third truth is, CONDITIONING!

What do I mean by conditioning? You and I and all of us are a product of society. The reality that we life in, what we see, what we hear, what we believe in is all learnt – it is psychosocial, sociocultural,  behavioristic.  In simple terms, the country, the culture, the religion, the place, the influence of our parents and how we have been brought up all plays a role and identifies how we perceive the reality that we live in. We are a product of the society that we grew up in and live in today. Once we understand this, we can start changing changing our lives.

Often we look at someone from another country and we disagree with their behavior. But who are we to judge them? They also have a right to their beliefs. For all we know, they may find us offensive and wrong! Take a simplistic example. Have you ever had a heated debate, or given an instruction to someone that hasn’t been understood? Is it because they were being difficult, or could it maybe be that their perception of what they heard and understood is completely different to what you meant? The reality is… we have all been brought up in differing environments, and hence our perception of reality differs vastly from a person of another culture or country. This is known as cultural conditioning!

What do I mean by conditioning and how does one become conditioned? When you study psychology, the first thing you learn about is classical conditioning. A very simple example is that you get a puppy and every time your feed the dog you ring a bell! You get the puppy used to the bell sound when you feed him. Guess what? After three weeks you can ring the bell without food being present and the puppy will start to salivate!  Why? Because the puppy identifies the sound of the bell with the food.

There is another simplistic example I have heard of via different sources and I am sure it must be somewhere on the internet. Research has shown the following: Put a monkey into a cage with two openings containing food and have an electrical shock attached to one. Shock the monkey every time he touches the one food. Now add a second monkey in the cage. Whenever the first monkey will want to touch the ‘shock’ food, the first monkey will start screaming and jump up and down. A warning to prevent the new monkey from getting shocked.  After a while add a third monkey, and the initial two monkeys will also jump up and down and scream, in order to warn the new monkey about the shock.  As monkeys are added, the others will warn the newcomer. Even if the first monkey is removed from the cage, the rest will always warn the others not to touch the one food, even though they do not know, nor have experienced it shocking any of them. This is called classical conditioning!

Don’t we as humans behave very much in the same way? Are there things you are doing, simply because someone else told you to do it that way? And then you wonder why we are frustrated in life? Isn’t that what the media does to us when they condition us to go buy stuff the whole time!  How crazy is this? We get sold all this technology and stuff because the media says we need it.  Then we buy bigger houses to store all this new stuff that we don’t need. Do you see how conditioned we are? I call people ‘sheeples!’ A sheep and a person together equals sheeple!

When I was young my dad taught me that if everybody is going in one direction, go the other way. I remember when working on cruise ships and docking in foreign cities. The passengers would go off and explore in one direction and my wife and I would go the other way. We always had different experiences and often found better bargains than the passengers. Start doing stuff a bit differently!  Hey, hang on a minute… by me saying that, am I not conditioning you? Am I not trying to do exactly what I am saying you are guilty of… being conditioned! No! I am merely trying to make you aware that you are conditioned and this is how the world works. Take technology… if it wasn’t for the advancement of technology I could not be doing this course on the internet with you. So yes’ I am very much for it, but have you ever considered how much we have been brainwashed by technology. I am a baby boomer. When I was younger, we didn’t have Blue-ray discs, we had 16mm projectors with that big roll of film. As youngsters on a good summer’s night, we would hire a projector plus good movie and set it up outside in the garden. We would hang up a sheet, start a barbecue and have a fantastic evening. Our sound came from one speaker which was in the cover of the projector. DTS digital surround sound was unheard of. Guess what? We had an awesome time!

What a difference in picture and sound quality today to back then! But, was it really that different? When I was young those evenings were magical for me. Doesn’t today’s teenager experience the same kind of magic when watching the latest DVD? Is there really that much of a difference in the experience? From CD to DVD to Blue-ray disc! How much sound difference can we really hear? How much picture quality difference can we really see? Isn’t that just marketing and brainwashing?  Are we not simply advancing to a more instant gratification society?  Back then you were more involved. You couldn’t just download a movie and watch it on your computer. We had to ride to the shop, choose a movie, and learn load the movie reel through the projector – we were more involved. It was an adventure hiring a movie! I don’t want to sound like an old fart, saying; “In our day it was better!” I am not saying that at all. I am just putting into perspective how we have been conditioned. In my days we had vinyl records and seven singles.  We could touch them, feel them and smell them. You never lent them to anybody in case they got scratched. Today people are complaining about piracy and illegal music downloads on the Internet. You see, for me the youth don’t attach a value to the music anymore. We had to buy the vinyl record, we could touch it and feel it. Today, a youngster has a memory stick, sticks it into the computer, downloads the music, takes it out and there’s no difference in weight to the stick, and then goes and loads it somewhere else. The value system has changed! We have been conditioned to start thinking differently. You need to become aware of this, shift your perception and go back to basics. What does society tell us today?  If you’re depressed, go to the shopping mall and you can get happiness there. Buy something, or make more debt so you can work harder and be more unhappy. That’s the messed up reality we live in today! Get out of that zone!

If you don’t believe me when I say that we are conditioned, have you ever driven somewhere from point A to point B? You arrive at point B, and suddenly you think, “How the heck did I get here? I can’t even remember what I thought about, I can’t even remember driving here!” Let me share something my wife once told me, and she initially had me confused, until I understood what she meant. I realized, “Wow, how powerful is this. This has made a big difference in my life!” She said to me, “Think about what you think about!”

In other words, when you’ve driven from point A to B and can’t remember how you got there, sit down, make some quiet time and think back. Force yourself to try and think about what you thought about during this time. Think about that whole trip and suddenly you’ll realize, but hang on…. I swore at that car that swerved in front of me, I made a rude gesture to that guy that jay-walked… suddenly you  realize just how many negative things you said and thought. We actually don’t realize subconsciously how we have been conditioned to think negatively. If you can learn to think about what you think about, and use ‘quiet time’ to realize how many negative things we do in our lives, and then negate them… it’s amazing how your life can change.

What time do you wake up in the morning? If I am doing a keynote with a few thousand people, I ask the same question, I get 05h00, 05h30, 06h00, 06h30, 07h00. Most people,  wake up on the hour or half an hour with a radio alarm clock – where the radio goes off on the hour or half an hour. I wake up at 17 minutes past 6! Why? I’ll tell you why! When the radio alarm goes off on the hour or half an hour, the first thing you hear is the news! And what is the news? Bad! Negative! And guess what? No matter which country you live in… it’s ALL negative! And I actually have a challenge… if you are a journalist, here’s my challenge to you, and if you’re not, see if you agree with me. What is it that the media must always sensationalize events and put the negative angle in the news? The news is negative sensationalism. If there is an accident as an example, the headline will be, “12 Killed in horror crash!” Never mind the fact that the ambulance arrived in two minutes and saved 4 lives. Why couldn’t the headline have been, “Ambulance arrives in 2 minutes and saves 4 lives!” No! We must always go the for negative. I challenge any journalist anywhere in the world, if you change the way that you word the headline and report the positive side, in 3 weeks the entire country’s attitude will be more positive. But no, the editor says that won’t sell! How crazy is that? By the way – that’s conditioning!

Re-condition yourself and start thinking differently. If you wake up on the hour or half an hour, you wake up with a negative news broadcast! Then you go to the bathroom, have breakfast and another half hour has gone by. Guess what? You hear another negative news broadcast! That’s the 2nd one! Now you drive to work, and guess what? You hear another negative news broadcast. That’s the 3rd one in the traffic, besides the fact that the traffic also irritates you. Now you arrive at work and walk into the office, “Aaargh” (all negative). Can anyone blame you? No! Because all you have heard the whole morning is a lot of negativity.

When I woke up this morning, do you know what I heard? Mambo No. 5! Hey, guess what? Whether I like the music or not, it’s more positive than the news! Thus, if you set your alarm (re-condition yourself) off the hour or half an hour., let us say, 7 minutes past or 7 minutes before, odds are you’ll wake up to music. Guess what? The music is more positive than the news! You need to realize that when you are negative, it’s not one thing that annoys you, it’s a culmination of many little things. So start re-conditioning yourself to negate all the little irritations in your life, and odds are you will become way more positive. It’s not much effort, all you need to do is change the setting on your alarm clock! How much effort does that take? And huge difference it makes in your perceptions!

We have learnt to react without thinking – what I like to call learned reactions. I do an experiment in one of my keynotes where I really mess with people’s minds. It’s very risky, but it’s very powerful when done live. I’ll pick on the biggest guy in the audience, someone that looks like he doesn’t take nonsense and whom I feel who could be a bit short tempered. I’ll pick on him and become insulting until that person either gets up and walks out, or gets up and walks onto stage with the intention of giving me a clout. And then I hopefully stop them in time! So far I have! I shout, “Wait, stop, think about what you are doing, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Here they usually do a double take.

The reaction of getting up, getting annoyed with me and coming onto stage wanting to hit me is not an internal normal reaction. It is a learned response to the behavior I displayed towards that stranger. People are blown away when you do this and actually see someone become so upset. Think about it, if someone does something insulting to you, your immediate reaction is to want to do it back to them, or even hurt them, i.e. teach them a lesson.

Now if that person had just thought about their reaction, if they had just counted to ten and calmed down, maybe they would have realized that I playing a psychological game on them to prove a point. Or that I had a bad morning this morning, hence my behavior. This person may have come up with different alternatives. But we don’t do that! Instead we immediately react because we saw someone on television do it, or we saw our parents do it.

Stop being a sheeple. Re-condition yourself to think differently! How do you know what is right or wrong? How do you know thinking differently is also not a conditioned learned response? Does it feel right in your heart when you make a decision? Before you make a decision learn to count to ten, breath deeply and relax. When you practice this, you suddenly become aware of whether the decision that you take feels right within your heart. They always say that women have that 6th sense, they have that feeling! We all have it! We are just not aware of it. Personally I think women are more attuned to it.

Even as a guy… for once just take a step back and ask yourself whether it feels right in your heart. Does it make me feel at peace with what I have decided? Then you are starting to move in the right direction

As a keynote speaker I speak in many places and for many organizations. One of these organizations that that has really touched my heart, by the depth of what they do, is Rotary. And they have a 4 way test that says it all.

The first one is, “Is it the truth?” The heart will tell you whether it is the truth or not. You go with the truth.  The second one is, “Is it fair to all concerned?” And that’s including yourself. Because only then will you be comfortable with the decision and it will be the right thing to do. The third one is, “Will it build goodwill and better friendships?” Isn’t that what it’s all about? Building friendships and having goodwill all around? Then you know from within that it is the right thing to do and not some conditioned response which could be wrong. And the final test, and that’s a biggie for me, is; “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?” And again, including yourself.

I think these are 4 awesome tests, and if you want to find the truth, if you want to do something that is not a conditioned reaction, ask yourself those 4 questions! I have huge respect for Rotary because of their 4–way test.

Here is my own personal example of how we are conditioned. You may relate to it, you may not. I’m not saying I’m right. I remember the first time I tried beer – the first time I tasted beer it was bitter, it wasn’t nice at all.  It’s not really my favorite drink. I’ll drink it, especially on a very warm day, then it’s nice to drink to cool me down. In fact in this instance it’s not bad at all.  However, if I backtrack, the first time I tasted it, it was bitter and I didn’t like the taste at all. How come I’ve changed my views? The first time you tasted beer, wasn’t it also bitter? Thinking about it… we’ve been conditioned! Everyone drinks beer. You see the ads on television and are conditioned to believe that it’s social and a great drink to cool you down. In summer it’s great, it’s tasty, and that ‘tsssshhh’ sound when you pop open the can makes it so appetizing! Maybe peer pressure also plays a role.  Isn’t it just society that’s conditioned you to change, to shift your perceptions to like it? Does this make sense? We have to start becoming aware of all the things that are shifting our perceptions. Why do you think they stopped cigarette commercials?

In summary I would like to leave you with 3 points.

1. Become aware that we are conditioned and that we are a product of the society we live in. Once you are aware – only then can you try and do something about it. In future when you react, when you make a decision, remember what our parents told us… count to ten before you react. Breathe deeply if something happens and you’re not quite sure what to do. Count to ten and think and use the 4 way test before doing anything.

2. In a similar vein, be at peace with what you do. Find time to be quiet. Think about your day. When you react, don’t explode and immediately lose your temper – as per the typical type A personality.

3. Be aware of what is going on around you so that you can do something about it. Only then will the truth of who you are and what is really going on in the world make sense! Your perception has shifted – you become enlightened – and life starts having a different meaning.

4 Life Truths: Truth 1 = Wealth

August 12, 2012

Welcome to Part 1 of this video course on the 4 Truths that can change your life. This E-Book is basically a transcript of a 2 month video course which I offer on the Internet. If you have not watched it, you can subscribe to the course totally FREE of charge with no obligation, at

First a practical exercise! Think about your own life and about the ‘wealth’ that you own. Consider for a moment, under the categories of, family, health and materialism 10 items for which you can be thankful. You may immediately be able to write down ten things… great! If not, take your time and over the next few days add items as they come to mind. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and I want you to really think about these things, making a point of writing down only those items that are truly important. The object of this exercise is to be able to look at what you have written and realize that you already have 30 assets that add to your wealth – and the majority (Family & Health) are not materialistic at all!

Hello and welcome! My name is Wolfgang Riebe and I am your Mind Shift Guru that is going to teach you 4 truths that can change your life. Before we even begin, who am I, what’s my claim to fame, and what gives me the right to attempt to teach you something that can change your life?

Firstly, let me give you some important background information on myself… I am not one of those speakers/authors that has become famous on television, read a book on motivation, and now claims to be a speaker. Not at all!

Secondly, I’m someone that speaks from personal experience, because I believe that if I have gone through what I want to share with you, only then I can speak with authenticity, from the heart, with humility, and we can connect, and grow together out of the process.

Thirdly, and most important, I’m not that naïve that I believe I can teach you stuff you don’t know. But… I can remind you of things you’ve forgotten.

Even though I have the Ph.D, that doesn’t really qualify me to have the skills to change your life! You see, I believe the biggest qualification in life is to have gone through things yourself, what they call… ‘The University of Life.’ They also say that when you travel, that is the University of Life! And I have been fortunate that I have travelled somewhat in my life. In fact I have been to places like the Antarctic, Arctic, Alaska, New York, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Odessa, Israel. Even the Far East, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Rangoon, the Middle East. I’ve also visited Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mauritius, the Caribbean and other islands all over the world. In fact, by the age of 28 I had worked in 86 different countries! I’m a bit older now… and I have stopped counting at 144 countries!

Now when I tell this to people they say, “There aren’t that many countries in the world!” Oh yes there are! There are more than 200 countries and I aim to still see them all in my life! Because travelling is the university of life, it teaches you about different people, cultures, places… and suddenly you realize that there are truths out there that apply to all of us. These are the things that I want to share with you.

I know that you are looking at all these countries and asking yourself, “Man what did this chap do for a profession?” Was he a travel agent? Ha, ha, yea that would be the logical answer, but no! You see, I started my career as a magician! Let me repeat, not a musician, a magician… someone that pulls rabbits out of hats! I am German and I still have family that asks (read with German accent) “Ven are U getting a real job!?” When you tell people that you are a magician, they ask, “How do you pay your mortgage? Come on, you can’t make money with that?” By that age of 28, I had seen 86 countries. I had seen the whole world following a dream and a passion. And there are certain laws and rules that have worked for me. Some people like to call, them ‘secrets.’ I just like to call them truths! In this basic course, I am going to share 4 of them with you. Very strong and very important basic truths!

Finally, it’s important for me to clarify that I’m sharing with you, over the next 4 months, 4 of these Life Truths. This is a gift from me to you, completely free. There is no obligation on your behalf! I just sincerely hope that I can change your view of life, because, as a Mind Shift Guru I want to shift your perceptions and show you the light to the truths out there and give you the ability to reach your dreams.

I really want you to listen carefully and be open to what I am sharing with you. Although I am going to teach you from my life experiences, please understand that this is not about me. It’s about what I have learnt that I want to share with you. And I am hoping from the heart, that you can connect and relate to this, and learn from my experiences.

Let us start with the 1st truth, and that is…


You have to understand the concept of wealth, or as some people want to call it, ‘abundance.’ I could share the Wikipedia, or Oxford dictionary definition with you. I actually had a look at them, and they are quite complex! However, the bottom line is… wealth is defined as materialism, in other words, how much you have!

Over the year in my Keynotes I have asked thousands of people how they would define wealth and openly ask if it means (now I show my fingers and thumb rubbing together in the motion that means, money) this to them. Most people say, “Yes!”
In my opinion, this is why a lot of people lose track in life. This is why they don’t find direction and question the point of life! We have been so conditioned in the society that we live today, that this false materialistic definition of wealth has completely screwed up most people on the planet.

Therefore, before I can even continue with anything, the true meaning of Wealth has to be explained to you in detail so that you can begin heading in the right direction with your life.

In the beginning, I said to you that I speak from experience. So let me share my story with you. I started my career as a magician working on cruise ships, as a headline act. I’ll never forget the first ship I worked on. I don’t know if you have been on a big American cruise liner? What happens is… you join the ship and everything is included, depending on the star rating of the ship, sometimes the alcohol as well. The only thing you really pay extra for, are the shore excursions. So if you’re joining a ship, let’s say in the Caribbean, sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, first going to Nassau and then St. Maarten, on every island they offer shore excursions that cost you extra. The ship has a tour office onboard, where you can book the excursion for $50, $100… whatever it costs.

When ship docks in the morning, they have a bus waiting for the passengers to take them on the excursion. Later in the afternoon the bus returns to the ship and the passengers sail off.

Here I was… a youngster who got a break to work on the cruise ships as a magician. When you work on these ships as a youngster, you don’t realize that the only people that can afford to go on these big super liners are elderly retired people… so it was almost like working on a floating old age home. Don’t laugh, as a youngster I didn’t realize this! Here I was on this dream ship, just starting out in life… and all I had around me was elderly people! What happened to those romantic brochures in travel agencies around the world that displayed pictures of sexy couples with hard bodies tanning in deck chairs?

Because we worked on the ship as a headline act, everything was included in our contract, plus we had a lot of free time. Also, during the day when these passengers went out on these excursions we could actually go with them, but as a representative of the company. The cruise line needed representatives to make sure that these tours were as advertised, hence we had to write a report on the excursion. This covered them in case a passenger wanted to sue the cruise line.

Secondly, because most passengers were elderly people, a lot of them had Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and some even had Zimmer frames and were in wheel chairs. Hence we were cheap labour and had to help them back on the buses at the refreshment breaks and basically assist the tour guide to make sure all passengers were happy. Here I was, a youngster just starting out on the ship earning good money, and enjoying the bonus privilege of going on these excursions for free! After three weeks on my first ship, I signed up on my first excursion. It was in the Caribbean and a whole day tour. The first half was a city tour, and the second half we visited botanical gardens.

The city tour was awesome! Hi Fi’s, jewellery, computers, boy was I in heaven! However, all the old people were bored out of their minds. The second half of the tour at the botanical gardens everything was reversed! I was bored out of my mind! These elderly people were taking photos of flowers! Why would anyone take pictures of flowers? They were Americans… I actually thought they were Japanese… they were taking so many photos! What was going on? It didn’t make sense to me! And they were literally freaking out over stupid flowers.

I got back to the ship that night and said to myself, “That’s it, no more tours. These passengers are crazy!” Over the next few weeks I noticed something else… here I was starting out in life, I had nothing and was stuck on a ship with all these wealthy elderly people. It struck me that the majority of them never smiled! They all had long faces! I don’t know if you know any elderly people? Have you ever stood in the line at the post office and you’ve waited three hours, and you’re up front, and suddenly an elderly person comes along, pushes you out of the way and says, “Respect… I’m older?”

This was what I experienced as a youngster on the ships. Wealthy elderly people, the majority of which had long faces, and they all loved flowers! Man, life did not make sense to me!

Today I can admit to you that I was very naïve as a youngster. In fact it took me three months before I went up to an elderly gentleman and asked him, “Oi… what is your problem? Why the long face and what’s with the flowers?”

Well, I’ll never forget when he looked at me and he spoke! He said, “Because I am alone!” I questioned, “What do you mean because you are alone?” He replied, “My wife passed on last year, my children died in an accident two years ago. I’m bitter at the cards that life has dealt me. I’ve got to sit here in my retirement and do all this alone. And I’ve got no one to enjoy my money with… none of the people I love!”

Whew! Was I blown away! I was in shock! I didn’t know what to say to the man.

But what he said to me hit home big time!

Do you know what I started doing over the next few months? I started speaking to every elderly person I met… and boy, did they change my perceptions of life!

In summary, there are three things I learnt from the elderly. And as I travelled around the world, meeting people from every culture, they all said the same to me.

1. They spent their entire lives (also remember that this a different generation) just making money their god. They ran after money, they made money their priority. Everything was money, money, money! In the process they never watched their children grow up. They never had time for anything else. Now that they’ve got the money and can enjoy it… they actually cannot enjoy it with the people that are important to them. Have you ever looked at it like that ? That’s really sad when you think about it. Do you remember growing up and your parents saying to you, “I can’t believe how quick you’re growing up!” Or even worse, have you said it to your own kids? Why would you say that? It’s because you don’t have time for them! When you’re old one day and when you think, philosophize, pray or meditate about your life, you will suddenly realize a few interesting things. The memories you have are weirdly enough, not the new computer, nor the new car that you bought, and not the latest gadgets you have in your house, but… the first steps that your daughter or your son took, the first kiss you had, the first time you had sex… those are the memories that you have! It’s the emotional memories that bond and mean something. Those are the memories that stick. This is the wealth that remains! Yet as young people we don’t understand this! This concept is completely foreign to us!

2. I was sarcastic earlier when I said that they had wheel chairs, Zimmer frames and Alzheimer’s on the excursions. Once again, as a young man I never realized that they spent their entire life running after money, trying to get wealthy, and in the process they never looked after the most precious asset they have… their own body! They never stayed fit or ate healthy. They never exercised. Now in retirement, in a sickly state, they were still trying to fulfil their dreams. It’s only once we understood where they were coming from, and what they’ve been through, that we suddenly respected them and saw it in a different light. But often we don’t tend to do that. We tend to look at a lot of elderly and become irritated with their frailness. How sad is that? Never forget that it was a different time in which they grew up! Did they have mind shift guru’s that told them, “Hang on there must be a work-life balance!” Hence I am telling you… look after your health!

3. This is without a doubt the most powerful lesson I learnt from the elderly. The most beautiful things on earth are not man-made, but what the universe has given us for free! Travelling around the world has re-enforced and cemented this concept into my mind, over and over and over again! Just look at pictures of the glaciers in Glacier Bay, Alaska. That ice is millions of years old. A piece breaks off, it’s like thunder going off, it’s raw nature… is there anything so beautiful? The reflections of the light on the ice, the colors… wow!

Look at the northern lights in the Arctic. That’s nature – it’s free! Skies go purple, blue, green… word cannot do justice to the magnificence of this!

As younger people we run around – we don’t know why, we just run… stress everywhere! But, if you, as a younger person can realize that your family, friends, co-workers, and friends around you are important… that your health and looking after your own body is crucial… and also that the beauty of the nature around you is were true wealth lies, you will suddenly get a different perception of life!

In all fairness, of course money is important! We live in a materialistic world! However, you need to grasp that it is not the be-all and the end-all! If you don’t shift your perception, if your attitude in life is not right, if you are not positive in your mind and don’t understand what life is about… then the money doesn’t come on it’s own either! But if you align your way of thinking and grasp what the elderly took a lifetime to learn, guess what? Then you are in alignment with the Universe and it starts looking after you!

As soon as you realize, family, friends, health, the beauty of everything around me is where true wealth lies… you start relaxing within in your heart. Your stress levels drop! As soon as the energy in your heart calms down you are in balance, and the money comes on it’s own.

To me an integral part of becoming wealthy is also giving! It is most likely that you are already questioning why I am sharing this information with you? I’m hoping that you can see that I’m authentic and that this has become my calling… speaking, writing and changing your perceptions. This is what is important to me!

Today is genuinely my birthday, and my family, my wife my daughters, all wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday? And for me it was important to spend the day with them, but what was also important to share. I firmly believe that by shooting this 1st Life Truth on video today and having it transcribed into this first part of the book, I was receiving the best present of all… giving! If I can share my philosophy with you and make you more positive and you make the next person more positive and we cause a snowball effect, guess what? We can all change the world together and make it a more beautiful place live! Let us all shift our think and our attitudes and create magic!

Thank you for spending the time reading my thoughts. I do trust that I have shifted your thinking! If you have only downloaded this free E-Book and not seen the video, please subscribe at It really is totally free with no obligations. On the video course I share 3 more Life Truths with you and have designed the whole course to give you time to think about everything I share over a period of 2 months. Also, I send you an audio MP3 audio link and PDF transcript of each video a week after viewing it. Every two weeks you will receive the next truth and in two months time you will have done my basic course on the 4 truths that can change your life.

Next week I will load Part 2.