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Quick Tips with Wolfgang Riebe: Greatness is within YOU

February 3, 2014

Mind Shift Master, Wolfgang Riebe identifies causes that hold back your greatness and offers solutions to identify your greatness.


Quick Tips with Wolfgang Riebe: Greatness

February 3, 2014

Mind Shift Master, Wolfgang Riebe shares quotations from unknown authors on the meaning of greatness.

February 2014 ‘Useletter’ from Wolfgang

February 3, 2014

Greatness is within YOU!

And so the year gets into full swing…

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 As I look back on the last year and question what life lessons I learned, I realise that as I get older, life is not as complicated as we like to make it out to be. The main lesson I have learned is that we all have greatness within. It’s just that most people have been so negatively conditioned and indoctrinated that they don’t realise their full potential, or their greatness. I truly believe each and every one of us can be great.

Hence I wanted to share with you some tips to find the greatness within yourself so that you can grow to your full potential and reach your dreams.

Have you ever asked yourself why two identical people lead two different life paths? They have the same qualifications, yet one is successful and content, and the other is unhappy and poor? There are a number of reasons people lose belief in themselves, and today I want to identify three of them. It’s like going to a doctor – only once he has diagnosed the problem, can he offer a solution. 

You are on a wrong life path

Are you internally happy and content? In other words, when you go to sleep at night, do you do so peacefully? When you wake up in the morning do your look forward to your day? What about your work, do you enjoy going to work? Sadly, most people answer. “No” to these questions and hence never discover their greatness!

So what is the answer? Well, I need to give you this in an example. The other day I was at the Waterfront and saw some seals in the harbour. In fact there was a huge seal sunning itself on the harbour wall. I remember looking at it and immediately thinking to myself, “What an ugly animal!”  What purpose could this huge lump of fat serve?  When they speak of falling out of the ‘ugly tree’ this thing must have hit every branch on the way down. People speak about being last in line when the creator handed out looks and talent! Heck, all that was left was a big piece of fat with 6 hairs – hence 3 whiskers stuck on each side!

These were my first thoughts, looking at this seal lazing in the sun. Suddenly the seal slid into the water and I saw a new animal. It swam expertly, and manoeuvred itself like nothing I had ever seen before. In fact when it comes to greatness, this seal had found its mark. It was doing what it was designed and meant to do. 

This made me think about us humans and how we live false lives and never find our purpose. Realistically, if I took that seal and sent it to university to become an electrical engineer – do you think it would ever become one? Even after 10 years of study! Why not? Because that is not its purpose in life. That seal will never find it’s greatness if it follows the wrong path.

Now let’s look at your life. Are you that seal following your purpose, or have you let family, friends and society dictate what path you must follow? We all need to be honest with ourselves and authentically look deep within and ask, “What is it that makes me tick? What is it that gives me a reason to stand up in the morning?” When you honestly answer those questions and follow through – only then do you tap into the greatness within you. Whether you want to be a doctor, or a street sweeper is irrelevant – as long as you follow your true purpose, greatness follows. When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen. you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.

The second reason many people have not tapped into their greatness, is a lack of belief in the self. Sadly we live in a society that is controlled by fear. Our entire educational system teaches that failure is bad – hence we become scared of failing. Our parents, teachers and friends are all part of this ridiculous fear and often the ones reinforcing it by reacting negatively to all your dreams and desires. That’s pretty much messed up. My favourite quotation of all times will always be Thomas Addison’s, “I have not failed; I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work!”

Remember, as human beings we can learn from failure! We must not be scared of making mistakes! Fear is just an illusion, it doesn’t exist – society created it within you. It’s all in your mind. You need to throw it out and go for the gaps out there. Only then will you start discovering the greatness within you. Remember, if you put a small value on yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price. You need to know your worth! You can only do this by believing in yourself and following through with every opportunity. And never forget that you were born to make mistakes, not fake perfection – as the rest of the world would like you to believe!

Of course some people argue that they never had or have the opportunity to implement this philosophy, as opportunity never comes their way! The problem is lack of honesty with the self, because when opportunity does knock on their door… by the time they have walked down the stairs, looked through the peephole, unlocked the raw bolt, pulled back the chain, turned the key to finally open the door – the opportunity has already left. Know what greatness you have within you and you will jump at every opportunity without hesitation.

Finally, the most ridiculous excuse of them all; I come from a historically disadvantaged background! WTF! You are kidding me! Yes, in the last 3 weeks I have met 4 people that have actually said this? I wish I had a camera on my face every time I heard this, because the look on my face was definitely priceless! Without a doubt, in my mind, this is the most lame, yet most alarmingly popular excuse of the 21stcentury. I blame world leaders, politicians and personalities for this outlook. Have you ever seen a politician or famous celebrity take responsibility for a bad decision or action? Seriously, think about this! The world has slowly been conditioned to play the ‘blame game.’ This is now considered to be ‘politically correct!” It was the local vicar’s fault! It was my teacher’s fault. Nope, it was my parent’s fault. In fact the more I think about it, it was my best friend at school’s fault because she always undermined me! No sorry, it was the previous government’s fault because they took away everything from my ancestors – now I have nothing! No, we can go back even further; it was the British, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese’s explorer’s fault because they left Europe to discover the world and created all the inequality we live in today! Because of what happened in history – you owe me today! What are you smoking?

Let’s backtrack for a moment. You come into this world alone and you leave it alone. However, we are all special and are all born with our own UNIQUE talents. During your life you are given a certain amount of time in which to discover your greatness. Part of discovering that greatness is to take RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN ACTIONS and life. So people using the ‘historically disadvantaged background’ are in essence saying that because their parents (ancestors) never left them anything, or never had opportunities – they now have none too? I would love to know the logic behind this thinking – because I know of many people that have grown up in the worst conditions ever in this world, but have left legacies, changed thousands of lives and made a huge difference. What makes these people different from you? Among them are Ghandi, Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King to name a few. 

How come they made it? Maybe because they didn’t use lame excuses, but took responsibility for their lives. My parents were World War II children. Had it not been for the war my grandparents would have left my dad many hectares of farmland. Who gives me the right to want to stake a claim on something that happened in another lifetime? What makes you so special to claim anything from the past? In my opinion, that’s plain arrogant and lazy, if not outride rude! You would rather have an entitlement attitude and waste your whole life fighting for something that you had no input in creating, rather than discover your own greatness in this life and really make a difference in the world!

In order to discover your greatness, you need to correct the inside before the outside will fall into place.

An unknown author once said, “Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their butts and do anything to make it happen.”

The way I see it, you only have 3 choices in life: Give up, give in, or stop making excuses and give it all you’ve got.

Have an incredible February and go DISCOVER YOUR GREATNESS!

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