Checking out the awesome auditorium at U

July 4, 2015

Checking out the awesome auditorium at UWC where I’ll be speaking at TEDx Bellville next Saturday 11 Jul! #TEDxBellville

To all my American friends!

July 4, 2015

To all my American friends!

I am speechless!

July 3, 2015

I am speechless!

Don’t you just love the clever ones? ht

July 2, 2015

Don’t you just love the clever ones?

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July 1, 2015

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This month’s ‘Useletter’ is out. Have

July 1, 2015

This month’s ‘Useletter’ is out. Have you subscribed at yet? Watch the video now.

This is so corny – but funny! http://ow.

July 1, 2015

This is so corny – but funny!

I post thoughts & quotes to make you thi

June 30, 2015

I post thoughts & quotes to make you think & create positive debate. If you don’t get that, this one’s for you…

Stop being a sheeple! Quick Tips with Wolfgang Riebe

June 30, 2015

July 2015 ‘Useletter’ from Wolfgang

June 30, 2015
Welcome to July and less than 6 months to go to Christmas!

If you want to view this month’s ‘Useletter’ on video, click here.

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Extracts from Comedy as an Emcee

Funny things to say to people who irritate you


This month I am going to be controversial and stir the pot, as I am reaching an age where I think beating around the bush is becoming pointless and completely ineffective. I meet so many people that are unhappy and cannot make sense of the world we live in today. When I speak to them and try to ascertain what it is that is causing their discontentment, I realise that they are sheeples and simply following the accepted and conditioned norms of the society they live in. Their frustration therefore arises because they have not discovered themselves!

Simply put, it’s a case of doing what everybody else is doing, without realising that you are a unique individual and that you will never find true contentment if you try fit in with everyone else. Following such a life you are merely a slave to what society dictates and requires from you.

Think about it this way. From the minute you leave school there are expected milestones with acceptable time periods in which to achieve them, as they are all set out for you to follow like a sheep. You need to finish university after 3 to 4 years. At least 3 years later you should be married. And God forgive you if you haven’t had a child by thirty – then there is something wrong with you. If by 35 you haven’t reached executive level status in your job, there must be something wrong with you. By 50 your offspring need to give you grandchildren and by 65 you should be hidden away in a retirement home. Am I wrong? Ladies, if you are not married by thirty, family and friends start questioning whether there is something wrong with you. Right or wrong? Maybe the pressure of finding a partner and rushing into a relationship to keep everyone around you happy could possibly be one of the reasons why the divorce rate is so high? As no one has the time to really get to know each other and check if they are truly compatible! It’s all about constant pressure to fit in – and by following these expected norms people ruin their lives. Best of all is they then spend a fortune at shrinks to give them every other reason, except the above as the real answer as to why they are not happy!

And this has nothing to do with conspiracy theories and the illuminati. This is pure logic. If big companies, organisations and government (those in control) can govern how the masses think, feel and act, then it is so much easier to predict behaviour, buying patterns, and life phases. Consider the conditioning by the media that if you are down, you need to shop for that new technical gadget or piece of clothing. This is the quick fix that is supposed to make you happy. The only problem is that it is a ‘quick fix’ resulting in you buying something else you don’t need just to make yourself feel good. Within a month you are sitting with all this extra feel good stuff which you can actually now throw away, plus have extra debt that is forcing you to work overtime and still remain unhappy? Huh? On top of that you still need to attain certain milestones in life and give the illusions of happiness. Since when is having twice the possessions than your neighbour going to make you happier than them? Wake up! Do you still want to argue that you are not a sheeple?

If not, then maybe you are one of those junkies who love living in the past and blaming everything in your life on past events. Seems like the majority of the people in the world are on this basic level of consciousness today, and sadly those that are on a supposed higher level, are actually listening to the gibberish of those that aren’t. Huh?

Furthermore, all sheeples are expected and do follow politically correct behaviour. However, the crux of this statement is ‘political’ which means it was created by politicians. Warning sirens should be loud and clear by now! My favourite saying about politics is by Plato who said, “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”

Here are the facts you don’t want to hear! We are all different. Not only by our race, country and religion, but also by what we each believe and perceive as unique individuals growing up in our own unique circumstances. Learn to accept and acknowledge this! By forcing everyone to be the same and seeing each other as the same is a control system taking away your unique individuality! This will never work – hence the problems in society that exist today. Before there is an explosion of racial accusations – I am not saying that you must look down at any other individual. On the contrary, I am saying that you must look up to and respect every individual that you meet for their beliefs too. This is where the world is going wrong. Everyone is pushing their beliefs on everyone else and accusing those that don’t confirm to their beliefs as bigots and racists amongst other things! Again the majority actual listen to this insanity! What is wrong with this picture? Maybe, just maybe, it’s the accusers that are the problem? In a group of a hundred people one person has an issue, and everyone else tries to accommodate that one person? Huh? Have you considered that just maybe this one person has something lodged in an area of his body where the sun never shines? Nobody has the right to label anybody! We’re all unique – and we need to respect and accept each other for that uniqueness – only then will we learn to become accepting of everyone out there, including ourselves. Which part of this is so difficult to understand?

Today if you are not a sheeple, people brand you and accuse you of being different. Hello! Maybe it’s time everyone started embracing their own uniqueness as the current system isn’t really working that well? Just a thought! An unknown author once said, “Your life will get better when you realise that it is better to be alone than chase people who do not really care about you.” Do you really think that the current system cares about you? The above has caused people to only be interested in others if they can gain something from that relationship. Therefore this quote makes complete sense because you are no better off hanging out with people that do not care for or respect you for who you are.

I read a post the other day that identified religion as a control system. I saw quite a number of comments where people were offended by this statement. Why? Isn’t that what it is? Think about it, each and every religion has rules, regulations and procedures that need to be followed in order to be part of it. And if you don’t – some higher order will punish you! Here’s a life truth… You don’t need religion to have morals. If you can’t determine right from wrong, then you lack empathy, not religion. See, many people don’t like hearing the truth.

Okay, so how do we solve all the above? So far there may be one or two of you that feel I am ranting. Not at all. I am trying to highlight the madness in the world today. I am trying to inform you that you cannot be happy or find inner contentment if you are a sheeple and put up with all the conditioning out there. Above all, I want you to see a purpose in life and smile every day and have fun.

How do you do it? Easy – stop listening to the BS out there and stop letting it rule your life. Stand up and be proud of who you are. Never let others tell you that you are superior or inferior to anyone else. Understand that you are unique and that you are entitled to be so. That is about the only thing you are entitled to – it’s your uniqueness. So go out and embrace it. Go search for and discover what makes you unique. Stop trying to fit in with the other sheeples out there. And most of all – allow others to embrace their uniqueness too! Stop being judgemental and don’t let judgementalism of the sheeples out there affect the way you think.

If you can just accomplish that, then your life will begin to have meaning and you will learn to celebrate your uniqueness. If you cannot do that, then you need to be content with being a sheeple. If you want to lead an extraordinary life, then you need to embrace the extraordinary uniqueness of you. Just remember, that you need to be extremely careful who you pretend to be, as you might just forget who you really are.

And PS! I opened a brand new exclusive conference venue in Cape Town on the hills of the Tygerberg with a 30 seater theatre! Check it out here.

Have a great July and DARE to be different!

Warmest regards



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