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October 6, 2015

Just a quick laugh for today http://ow.ly/i/dvzsK

What can I say – as a frequent traveller

October 6, 2015

What can I say – as a frequent traveller this is my next goal! http://ow.ly/i/dvzoM

Stop thinking so much go out and do! htt

October 4, 2015

Stop thinking so much go out and do! http://ow.ly/i/dj1w2

occasionally a funny quotation is needed

October 2, 2015

occasionally a funny quotation is needed too! http://ow.ly/i/dj1rt

October 2015 Useletter

October 1, 2015
Welcome to another jam-packed Useletter.

This month I again shot lots of videos, the creative juices were flowing!

To view this month’s Useletter – click here.
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You may be wondering why so many videos in the last two months? Honestly – I have been down and sad. Why? I just can’t seem to handle what is going on in the world anymore. I don’t know if it is my age, or I am just becoming over sensitive? I have never seen such an abundance of hatred, issues, greed and basic lack of ethics amongst people. I notice it in what I see on television, what I see in newspaper headlines, what comes into my email inbox, and on the roads and how people drive. I mostly notice it with friends and how everyone seems to pull back and live their own lives. It appears no one has time for anyone anymore. Hey, I’m not pointing fingers – I too am guilty of this. Before I know it the week is over and I haven’t blinked once. Then I look at my wife and quiz her whether we shouldn’t invite someone over or go out to dinner – in the end we go to bed early as we are just too tired to do anything else.

Is it just me or does this sound familiar? Between keeping ones head above water, cleaning the house, paying the tax man and keeping the kids happy – life just passes one by. Then on top of it, the politicians seem to be having a field day worldwide irritating the crap out of everyone when you look at the Facebook posts and issues that people discuss. And here I sit in the middle of this! No wonder I dive off into my studio and shoot videos hoping I can bring a smile to someone’s face or just inspire them with words of wisdom. If anything, when I am down it inspires me to remain optimistic and share as much fun and inspiration as I can. Besides helping others it’s also a great therapy for me to get out of my rut!

But then again, there is only so long that one can lock oneself up and try to avoid the outside world. Sooner or later it catches up with you. So now I am again faced with that ever annoying question,”What now?” I have been thinking long and hard at how I can cope with my internal conflicts. In fact this morning I posted on my Facebook page that I am despondent as all I do is go out and inspire people and try keep them optimistic – yet daily it appears the world and people are becoming more materialistic, more selfish and more hate filled – it makes me want to go hide on an island somewhere!

Believe it or not, I too need a place to vent. However, the reality is that as much as I kick against the system, there are those that are more than happy in it and most probably have a much more inner peace than I do – so who am I to judge. In the end I have to accept my lot in life and decide what I want to do with it. We come back to that mature intellectual debate of having to accept that you and you alone are responsible for your mood, experiences and achievements in life. Then I realised, I need to get out of my OWN way! What about you?

So I decided, I hate small talk! I want to talk about atoms, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, the meaning of life, past life regression, faraway galaxies, life on mars, music that moves me, why people believe what they do, what makes fundamentalists tick, my flaws, your flaws, my favourite smells, my youth, how was your childhood different from mine, what keeps you up at night, what makes you scared and what makes you happy. You see I have decided I like people with depth who actually speak what they feel, with emotion, with authenticity, and who are prepared to tackle the topics and debate the issues all the politically correct weasels don’t want to tackle. I like someone who is a bit warped and twisted and who pushes boundaries. I am tired of the boring rut and rat race. What about you?

You see, saying “Yes” to happiness is also about saying “No” to people and things that stress you out! And no I don’t believe I am the only creative person on the planet! I believe each and everyone is immensely creative, just some people haven’t identified their passion and that which makes them tick. However, when it comes to creativity and someone that has identified his own fire in life, I realise that one does become easily bored. In fact one also likes taking risks, thinks with one’s heart, makes oh so many mistakes, stays clear of the rules for the masses, works independently, is somewhat eccentric, dreams big and believes that fun is a natural human right.
So I started making a few new promises for myself in life.

I am now only going to show my authentic self to others. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not mine. However, by being authentic myself I am creating the space for you to be authentic too. This doesn’t mean we have to be aligned in our opinions and agree on everything in life. But it does mean we are free to express ourselves and share openly and honestly with each other. If we clique – awesome. If we don’t – at least we don’t lead a false friendship!

I will no longer give a second thought to people that aren’t happy for me as I believe they probably aren’t happy with themselves either. In fact I just feel sorry for them. If you are constantly jealous of the achievements of others, then you seriously need to do some internal searching and spend less time moaning about what others have achieved and use that time to start building on some of your own achievements!

My dad always taught me to keep quiet if I don’t have anything nice to say. Strange, I have been really quiet lately – but also much happier for it! Now I realise that I don’t have to give feedback or make comments on every issue out there. Sometimes it’s just better to shut up. Someone once told me, when arguing with an idiot, make sure you are not the idiot. Think about it!

I have suddenly realised (and this is the biggie and if anything, the one take-home message you need from this month’s Useletter) the easiest way to solve a problem is to STOP participating in it!

Every moment can be a memory – so why spend moments in anguish, stressed and complaining. I WILL NOT give the opportunity of creating magical moments away to others who try and ruin them. The power lies with me and me alone to create my own life story. At the end of it all, I remain responsible for the moments I have created! You see, every 60 seconds you spend in anger and hatred is another minute of happiness you have robbed yourself of. Powerful thought huh? That’s the kind of stuff I think of when I sit on my own and ponder the things around me!

And lastly I have had enough of politicians who keep on attempting to blame everyone for the atrocities of past political parties and have coined a new quotation of my own; “NOBODY has the right to make you responsible for the actions of your forefathers. You live here and now today. You are ONLY responsible for your life, here, now and today. You didn’t choose to be born into the world, religion, culture and society you are in. So no one has the right to judge you for anything anyone except you did in the past.” I seriously think if more people understood this and lived in the moment and didn’t judge anyone they meet based on past preconceptions – phew how the world would change overnight.

So I leave you with this thought. Stop being affected by what others say and do. Rather you be the change agent that changes the way those others act and behave. YOU be the one that remains positive, ethical and understanding. You be that person that everyone speaks of and queries why you are always objective, fair, ethical and stand up for what is right – because only then can we start changing the world for the better. Lead by example, walk your talk. Be what you want to be, not what others want to see. But be decent and change the world!

Most of all – NEVER give up. Look at this video of a Macaw parrot I filmed at a friend’s house the other night. It’s 1 minute long. There are 2 latches on this parrot’s cage, yet he tries and tries until he opens the door. A life lesson there!

Cute Friend’s Macaw Parrot who opens his own cage!

Have an INCREDIBLE October.

Warmest regards


PS, if you enjoy the videos and links – please pass them on to your friends and contacts. I am really trying to build my You Tube channel ‘inspiringtheworld‘ and make a difference in the world.

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